Diagram Pectoralis Major

diagram of pectoralis major muscle

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Diagram pectoralis major - pectoralis major trigger point diagram pain patterns and related medical symptoms the myofascial pain pattern has pain locations that are displayed in red and associated trigger points shown as xs the pectoralis minor is a thin flat muscle found immediately underneath the pectoralis major this is the smaller of the two pectoral muscles or muscles of the chest this muscle extends from dr perry details the pectoralis major trigger points that contribute to chest pain shoulder pain mid back pain elbow pain and hand pain the pectoralis major moves each shoulder joint in four distinct directions and also keeps the arms attached to the body injuries to this muscle are rare but symptoms include pain in the chest clinically speaking the pectoralis minor muscle is the little brother of the pectoralis major muscle like all little brothers the pectoralis minor wants to do everything that big brother.

does so it s no surprise that trigger points in these two muscles have almost identical referred pain patterns about our pany want more information about our pany click here to learn about our mission statement goals and what truly makes us different de plexus brachialis letterlijk vlechtwerk van de arm is een knooppunt van zenuwvezels die de arm bezenuwen de plexus brachialis bestaat uit vezels van de rami ventrales van de onderste cervicale en bovenste thoracale ruggenmergsegmenten specifiek c5 tot t1 start studying exam 3 learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools pectoralis major the pecs the pectoralis major is a large fan shaped muscle it covers much of the front upper chest beginning at the breastbone or sternum including the second to the sixth ribs chapter 8 the shoulder and axilla muscles of pectoral region the upper limb is connected to.

the trunk ventrally by the pectoralis major pectoralis minor subclavius and serratus anterior