Diagram of blood flow - blood flow diagram left side of the heart the blood ing from the lungs to the heart collects in the left atrium filling it up this initiates a contraction of the walls of the left atrium forcing the mitral valve to open as the blood gushes into the left ventricle you must have seen the human heart diagram thus you will be aware of the anatomy of the human heart if not you can have a look at the labeled diagram of the human heart present in this article in the physiology of the kidney renal blood flow rbf is the volume of blood delivered to the kidneys per unit time in humans the kidneys together receive roughly 25 of cardiac output amounting to 1 2 1 3 l min in a 70 kg adult male hemodynamics or h 230 modynamics is the dynamics of blood flow the circulatory system is controlled by homeostatic mechanisms such as hydraulic circuits are controlled by control systems your heart is a muscular.

organ that pumps blood to your body your heart is at the center of your circulatory system this system consists of a work of blood vessels such both the arteries and veins in this area have wide yet short sections that branch off to other vessels and both affect blood flow to the right arm and the right side of the head flow traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi posti e discussioni del forum heart anatomy your heart is located between your lungs in the middle of your chest behind and slightly to the left of your breastbone in this interactive you can label parts of the human heart drag and drop the text labels onto the boxes next to the heart diagram if you want to redo an answer click on the box and the answer will go back to the top so you can move it to another box explore the heart and lungs through online science activities